Thrash the Tasmanian Devil

Thrash the Tasmanian Devil (スラッシュ・ザ・タスマニアン・デビル, Surasshu za Tasumanian Debiru) is an anthropomorphic Tasmanian devil, who is both physically powerful and highly resilient. He is stubborn, aggressive and doesn't adapt easily. He is famous as a warrior and a master of martial arts. His strength is so powerful that he can shatter nearly just about anything.

Throughout his life, Thrash was on a quest to find and punish the Echidnas who destroyed things that were precious to even his ancestors, though somewhere in the later series he resolved it somehow and forget revenge. Thrash's dominant trait is his strength and Supersonic roars. He can also jump in long or high distances, can climb up walls with ease by punching his fists into them, and is very skilled at a wide variety of martial art forms.


Voice actor: Roger Smith (English), Kazuya Nakai (Japanese)

Thrash is a purple Tasmanian devil with peach yellow skin with yellow eyes. He has a white lightning bolt shaped on his chest. He wears Green gloves with metal squares and black cuffs, with white lines bisecting the black cuffs and green shoes with metal bands across the instep of the feet and black cuffs.




Friends and AlliesEdit





Abilities and PowersEdit

Thrash is gifted with considerable strength on par with that of Knuckles, able to take on even the greatest of odds with his bare hands. Due to being the sole member of his species, Thrash is an expert survivalist and formidable fighter. His fighting technique is far from skilled, though, as Dr. Eggman apparently views his ability in combat as to drastic, aggressive and violent.

Thrash's unique is his ability to project his roar as a kind of sonic blast, strong enough to break down some objects and send multiple enemies flying.




Notes & TriviaEdit

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