A view of the Sonic Pokémon world.

The Sonic Pokémon world is the main planet for the Sonic Pokémon franchise, set in the Sonic Pokémon universe. It bears some striking similarities with the real world, certainly deriving inspiration from it, but many factors set it apart as a different place from our own world. The world of Humans, Pokémon and the Mobians is based on various other cultures that were are also added and mixed.


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  • Kanto and Johto are the only regions to be adjacent one another.
  • The existence of foreign Pokédex entries, different Unown markings, and characters like the Meister, Fantina, and Looker point to the fact that there are other languages in the Sonic Pokémon world (although it is unknown what other language(s) Looker speaks, his speech patterns indicate that he is not a native speaker of the language used by people from the Sonic Pokémon nation).
  • Regular animals have been seen in some of the older media while regular plants like apple trees or pine trees are still seen often or even daily. There is a possibility that both animals and Pokémon exist within this world in a complicated ecosystem; often real animals are referenced in a Pokédex entry, especially if the Pokémon being referred to is based on an animal. Mobius beigns Humans and plants exist, helping this theory.

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