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Reala (リアラ, Riara) (pronounced Ree-Ah-Lah) is a First-level Nightmaren and one of the primary antagonists of the series. Created along with NiGHTS to be Wizeman's right hand, Reala is obedient towards his creator and leads the Nightmaren army.

As all Nightmarens, Reala is genderless but due to his voice and much more masculine appearance Reala is usually referred to as a male.

Reala and NiGHTS are "siblings" with both equal flying and acrobatic skills. In contrast to NiGHTS' kind and loyal personality, Reala is cruel and insidious. Due to their equal skills and opposing personalities, NiGHTS and Reala are strong rivals.


Voice actor: Casey Robertson (English), Not Known (Japanese)

Reala's signature colors are red and black/or dark red. In the past, Reala had a purple ruffled collar, yellow fingers (possibly gloves) and a vest that appears to be open with a diamond pattern on his chest.

He currently of today; now sporting a mask called a Persona, which is a symbol of loyalty to Wizeman. It is gold with a pink jewel in the center with black feathers on the edges. His vest is closed over his chest and has a flame/swirl pattern, he wears arm guards and hip-plates with a similar design and fingerless gloves (the yellow is now the same color as his skin). While his age, height, and weight remains unknown, he was created in the Land of Darkness in Nightopia.




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