Orbot, also known as SA-55 or "Ergo", is one of the assistant robots Doctor Eggman . He usually points out Eggman's mistakes and often somewhat insults him because of them. Orbot is a very small and round robot with the ability to retract into a travel sized sphere. His main function seems to be simply for relaying information to Dr. Eggman and making sure the processes of his plans are carried out correctly. His eye of efficiency may be what allows him to constantly criticize Eggman or inadvertently point out his flaws, however.


Voice actor: Kirk Thornton (English), Mitsuo Iwata (Japanese)

Orbot is a very small robot in comparison of Dr. Eggman's other creations and has a very simple design. He has a very round red head with glowing light blue eyes and mouth, his torso is compromised of a ball joint with thin metal bars and his end is the half of a sphere. He also seem to wear red-painted gloves as an attire.



Orbot is very insensitive and doesn't skip out on the chance to be critical to Dr. Eggman and his feelings when he sees fit, though he does not mean to insult his master, just trying to give him constructive criticism for that is what he was programmed to do, though all it does is just makes things worse. Although occasionally he does enjoy giving a sarcastic remark to Eggman.


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