Olivine Gym anime

Olivine Gym

The Olivine Gym (オリヴァインジム, Orivain Jimu) is the official Gym of Olivine City. It is based on Steel-type Pokémon. The Gym Leader is Jasmine. Trainers who defeat her receive the Mineral Badge.





Olivine Gym has made two appearances in the anime. It first appeared in Fight for the Light!. After a long journey, Ash, Sonic and his friends had finally reached Olivine, and Ash was eager for a Gym battle. When he entered the Gym, a girl claiming to be Jasmine challenged him to a battle. After losing to her Onix, Ash learned that the girl wasn't Jasmine at all. It was her apprentice, Janina. She apologized for misleading Ash, and the Trainer forgave her.

Jasmine herself wasn't in the mood for a battle. Sparkle, the Ampharos who provided the light for the Olivine Lighthouse, had gotten very sick. The way to treat it was with medicine found in Cianwood City. Ash and the others went with Janina to Cianwood to pick up the medicine.

After his adventures in the Whirl Islands, Ash returned to Olivine to battle Jasmine again in Nerves of Steelix!. She accepted his challenge, with Janina serving as referee. After Pikachu defeated her Magnemite, she sent out her [[Jasmine's Steelix|Steelix}}, which quickly defeated the Electric-type. But Cyndaquil managed to defeat the Iron Snake Pokémon, earning Ash his Mineral Badge.


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