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MeteoTech is a weapons/security manufacturing company set in Riders Saga. The company is run by Eggman as a front for another attempt at the Eggman Empire. Though it is a security manufacturing company, it has only been shown to produce robots such as SCR-GP and SCR-HD. MeteoTech's headquarters, Crimson Crater, is the worldwide communication center for the company, whose mother computer was formerly powered by the Ark of the Cosmos. This place happens to be settled where that said artifact was found.


MeteoTech was a largely settled company whose security robots were conveniently settled throughout the landmass shown in the Riders Saga, and was of primary interest to Sonic and co., immediately recognizing a connection between the company and the Arks Of The Cosmos.

Places of InterestEdit

The following areas bear a heavy presence of MeteoTech.


  • In the cutscenes, it is refered to as "MeteoTech", while the signs mistekably refers to as "MeteorTech".

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