The Magic Lamp

The Magic Lamp is an object used in the Secret Rings Saga. It was said to have been used to imprison Erazor Djinn until he granted the wishes of a thousand people.


It is used to force Erazor Djinn to grant three wishes to the user by shooting a beam. However, this may only be when Erazor is not willing to grant the wishes, as he tells Sonic "I will never grant wishes from the likes of you!" before Sonic fires the beams. The beams also seem to hurt Erazor, as he is seen screaming in agony and shouting something along the lines of, "My body... My body is... AAAHHHH!" It is first seen where Sonic found the Blue World Ring when Shahra told Sonic to hold onto it. Than when Erazor boasted of being immortal after he was defeated again, Sonic took out the Magic Lamp. With this object, he shot three beams at Erazor Djinn to grant his three wishes, which were:

(In Sonic's words)

"My first wish, bring Shahra back to life!"
"My second wish, return the Arabian Nights back to the way they were so the world can have its stories again!"
"My third wish, Erazor Djinn! You will live out the rest of time, trapped inside your lamp as you were in days of old!"

And with that, Erazor Djinn was once again sealed inside the Lamp, never to emerge.