Grimer (グライマー, Guraimā) is a Poison-type Sludge Pokémon that evolves into Muk starting at level 38.


Voice actor: Not Known (both English and Japanese)

Grimer is a purple pile of poisonous sludge with two arms that have hands with three fingers. It has saucer-like eyes and a gray mouth. Grimer may be distantly related to Koffing, another Pokémon that is associated with pollution. It's height is 2'11" and weight is 66.1 lbs.

Special abilitiesEdit

Grimer emits a very pungent, noisome odor due to the billions of malodorous bacteria contained within its sludge. Since Grimer's body lacks a solid form, it can slip through the smallest of openings. Grimer's germ-infested entrails can also cause the ground that it passes over to be unable to bear any plant life.

As far as Grimer's skills in battle are concerned, Grimer mainly attacks by flinging poisonous sludge (or mud) at its foes. Grimer can also wield fire, electricity, and various Ghost attacks. Grimer is part of one of the four Pokémon evolutionary lines that can use Gunk Shot.


It is rumored that as it moves, it loses bits of its body from which new Grimer emerge. This is said to worsen the stench around it. Grimer are sensitive about their smell, say a wrong turn about them and will attack without warining


Grimer thrive anywhere there is pollution, such as in very murky water and drains for example. They are most common in Kanto and Hoenn, but sightings have been recorded in Sinnoh.


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Grimer tend to feed on sludge, sewage, and other filthy things.

Major appearancesEdit

Sonic, Ash and friends first encountered Grimer in Sparks Fly for Magnemite. A Muk and a large group of angry Grimer were gumming up the turbines in the power plant in Gringey City causing a city-wide power loss.

Dawn temporarily trained a Grimer in Camping It Up!.


Minor appearancesEdit

In Pokémon Scent-sation!, Celadon City Gym Leader Erika told a story about when she was a youngster, she got lost one day and ran into a Grimer. However, a Gloom chased the Grimer off and saved her.

A Grimer was one of the sick Pokémon in a Pokémon Center in Carrying On!.

Four Grimer appear in a flashback in The Joy of Water Pokémon as former inhabitants of Lake Lucid before becoming the clean lake it is now.

A Grimer was among the Pokémon that was hypnotized by Cassidy and Butch in Re-Voltion.

Pokédex entryEdit

Grimer, Sludge Pokémon. Born from sludge when exposed to X-rays from moonlight, this Pokémon specializes in sludge attacks.


Base statsEdit

Pokéathlon statsEdit

Type effectivenessEdit


By leveling upEdit

By TM/HMEdit

By breedingEdit

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