Eeveelution is a fan made term that has been adopted by gamefreak to describeEevees branching evolutions VaporeonFlareon, Jolteon,Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon,Leafeon and Sylveon

Obtaining Eeveelution
Eeveelutions by flying fox-d6cx6vb

Jolteon- Jolteon is obtained in every game by giving Eevee a Thunder Stone

Vaporeon- Vaporeon is obtained in every game by giving eevee a Water Stone

Flareon- Flareon is obtained in every gave by handing eevee a Fire Stone

Umbreon and Espeon- these to evolve through raising eevees Friendship and leveling it up at night for umbreon and day for espeon

Leafeon and glaceon- these two are obtained by leveling up eevee near a Mossy Stone or An Icy rock

Sylveon- leveling up sylveon with 2 levels of affection

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