E-100 Alpha

E-100 Alpha, better known as ZERO (sometimes with the added title "The Chase Master") is a large red-eyed floating green robot that resembles a trash can with large arms that tries to recover Chaos Emeralds.


Voice actor: Not Known (English), Not Known (Japanese)

Alpha is a large red-eyed floating green robot that resembles a trash can with large arms.




Friends and AlliesEdit





Abilities and PowersEdit

ZERO differed greatly from the other E-100 robots as he lacked a projectile weapon of any sort, mainly relying on his extending fists to attack his foes. It also possessed impressive strength, able to smash through walls in pursuit of Amy. He also had strong defensive strength, as Amy could only inflict damage by electrocuting him. He pursues his target with a single-minded tenacity, even after the Flicky's Chaos Emerald had been removed. This also made it possible to trick him, as Amy could hide beneath barrels or around obstacles to elude him.




Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. Zero, a.k.a. Alpha, is the first of the E-100 Series robots.
  • Alpha, E-105 Zeta, Phi and E-123 Omega are the only E-100 series robots that do not follow the same basic design as E-101 Beta.
  • The first letter of the Greek Alphabet is sequenced as 0. Perhaps that is how Alpha is commonly known as ZERO.
  • Alpha has also been known as ZERO, Chase Master, Dr. Eggman's Guard Robot, Tin Can, Bolt Brain (by Amy, once), and Chunk of cheesy hardware (by Sonic once)
  • It's too subjective that E-100 Alpha is said to be a villain and E-102 Gamma is said to be a hero, because they both only listen Dr. Eggman's orders.

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