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Bianca (ビアンカ, Bianka) is a Pokémon Trainer from the Unova region. She is one of Ash's four rivals in Unova and is also a recurring traveling companion.


Voice actor: Rachael Lillis (English), Megumi Hayashibara (Japanese)

She was born in Nuvema Town, her hair is blonde, and her eye colors are green.



Much like her game counterpart, Bianca is a sweet girl but is also an airhead. She is fairly similar to Ash when he'd just started his journey. She is also somewhat clumsy and unorganized. Every time she meets up with the main characters, she runs excitedly towards them and then trips, causing her to collide with Ash and knocking him into a body of water. Afterwards, she apologizes to him profusely.

Bianca has a soft spot for cute Pokémon like Minccino, Emolga, and Zorua and will stop at nothing to try to capture them. In fact, she spent a few episodes of the Club Battle arc trying to get a hold of Luke's Zorua who kept disguising herself to trick her. Bianca also tends to think of odd schemes to lure a Pokémon out, like planting a dirty spoon under a cloche so she could trap Minccino. If her attempts at capturing fail, she will often have a temper tantrum about it. She cares dearly for her Pokémon, often crying out in sorrow when they're defeated. It was revealed in The Clubsplosion Begins! that she also likes Pokémon with muscles such as Sawk, Throh and Mienshao.

She tends to do things at her own pace, which often involves rushing and forcing people along with her. She was impatient to capture Minccino, as well as during battles, to the point that Ash, Iris, and Cilan had trouble keeping up with her. She wastes no time when giving her Pokémon commands, though this raw speed and power also causes her many blunders.


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