Babylon Garden

The Babylon Garden is a floating island that was home to the Babylonians in ancient times. It was originally a very advanced spaceship designed to travel through space on the hopes of their thievery. Unfortunately, the ship went out of control, causing it to crash-land a planet thousand of years ago. As time passes, so did the Babylonians, no matter what treasures they may have stolen as the first Babylon Rouges, Babylon Garden was soon left abandoned, buried by the sands and was never seen or heard ever since.


Babylon Garden was a very advanced space craft, and that Babylonians are thieving genies from outer space. When the ancient Babylonians crash-landed towards the planet they released their engine units, the Arks of the Cosmos, and landed in orbit. After that they waited for years for their engine unit to fall to the planet, after several years one unit crashed to our world and they retrieved it and sealed it in the Gigan Rocks.

Since then, Babylon Garden became a floating island that was home to thieves known as the Babylonians. Because of the crimes they committed they invoked the wrath of the Gods who cast the islands into the depths of the world.

Afterwards the Babylonians left their lost world scattered for all time, but it is believed that the treasure of the Babylon Garden still remains on the island.

Earlier history shows that the Babylonians were thieving genies which later became an organization of bird thieves, the ancestors of the Babylon Rogues.

The current Babylon Rogues are descendants of these Babylonians.


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